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What if you had complete visibility into your manufacturing process at all times?

We help growing manufacturers go digital with simple end to end traceability, inventory management, and smart hardware.

What can we help you with?

Never Feara RecallAgain.

Finally, a configurable manufacturing software that isn't complex or expensive.

Our Mission

We provide the technical skills, experience, and leadership to deliver best-in-class manufacturing software and hardware capabilities.

Our mission is to enable and empower Food & Beverage manufacturers with complete visibility into their facility and capture data that matters to them with less headaches and stress. We automate the collection of data that is important to you, enable insights for more informed decision making and personalized reporting.

We do this by using a tailored platform combined with low-cost and high-impact smart hardware that integrates with your existing workflows.

What we do

Manage Your Operation

From raw materials to a shipped product we allow you to track the entirety of your process by defining your specific production workflows.

View and manage your Facility Floor, Production Planning, Inventory, Recipes, Quality Control, Customers, Orders and Shipments, from anywhere and in real-time.

Enter the world of automation

Using a variety of low-cost and high-impact hardware solutions we can remove the burden of manual documentation.

Adapts to your existing equipment and provides real time visibility to you from anywhere.

Automatically trigger actions based on any event in your facility.

Data Analysis, Insights, and Reporting

Gain data-driven insights into your business and production process without complexity.

Build customized dashboards to view the data you need in a way that is meaningful to you.

Understand your Cost of Goods Sold, Inventory Turnover and other key performance indicators.

End-To-End Traceability

We know the time, stress, and financial risk that an audit or recall poses.

We lower your exposure to these events by providing trusted traceability for your entire production process.

Are you ready to help shape the Traceability Revolution?

We are seeking innovative and forward thinking food & beverage manufacturers to continue to shape the future of manufacturing.