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Meet the Founders

Over 20 years of technical experience in software and smart hardware projects and 8 years of successfully developing Food Traceability & Digital Solutions. The founders grew up around in the food  processing industry, mainly in seafood. Using this experience to create tailored and affordable solutions for food and beverage manufacturers along with their dedicated  team of industry  experts.



Jarred is an experienced software engineer with a passion for using technology to empower individuals and organizations. As the Co-Founder and CTO of Tracktile, Jarred has dedicated himself to creating innovative solutions that streamline operations, increase efficiency, and drive growth. From an early age, Jarred’s fascination with software led him to spend years crafting platforms and tools that help people achieve their objectives. As an entrepreneur with a strong drive for innovation and excellence, Jarred is committed to the ongoing growth and success of Tracktile’s platform. His combination of expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication positions him to delivery industry-leading solutions for modern manufacturing.


Jordan is a software engineer with deep experience in creating customized software programs across various industries for over 10 years including 8+ years in Food Traceability. As the Co-Founder & CEO of Tracktile, Jordan is passionate about removing the barrier of entry for Food & Beverage manufacturers to benefits from the competitive advantages of traceability. Jordan saw first hand that the existing solutions in the Food and Beverage Industry were too complex, too expensive or cookie cutter. Generally speaking, they are not made for growing businesses. This passion has, and continues to fuel the development of Tracktile's efficient and effective traceability software platform.

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