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An Entry Level Manufacturing Software Made for Small Businesses

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We spoke with hundreds of food & beverage manufacturers across Canada and discovered a need for a digital solution - such as Tracktile Essentials - for startups, solopreneurs, and small family-based businesses that is affordable and offers the ability to scale with them.

Business is easy when you're off to a great start with the Essentials!

Inventory Management

Production Management

Orders and Shipping

End-to-End Traceability

Computer and Tablet Compatible

Cloud Secure

Up to 2 Full-Access Users

Up to 5 Areas

Basic Reporting

Scalable Software

Case Scenario

Meet Susan, owner of Susan’s Healthy Snacks!

Susan uses Excel & paper reports to record, monitor, and track her inventory, recipes, and finished products.

On average, Susan spends 6 hours per week visually counting inventory, recording quantities, fetching recipes, recording production batch numbers, inputting data into her Excel spreadsheet and filing paper reports.

Susan pays herself $20 per hour, and continuing “as-is” costs Susan $480 per month.

By signing up with Tracktile Essentials, Susan benefits from digitized visibility and automated data capture, reducing her administrative workload down to 5 hours per month!

Tracktile Essentials has saved Susan $250 per month and empowered her with 19 hours of previously unavailable time to grow her business.


Automate your key business insight.

Ready to enhance your food manufacturing business?