The Importance of Digital Traceability

Achieve full product traceability in a globalized world. Meet consumer demands, ensure safety, and simplify regulatory compliance. Your brand's trust starts here.



Now more than ever before we move products and materials around the world. Every single day things are created, moved, sold, shipped, and received. Despite how vital every step of this process is to our day-to-day lives there is a huge gap in the traceability of most products today.

53% of food products cannot be reliably or accurately traced back to their origin.

Consumers care and they are not dumb.

The need for accurate and available product traceability data is not only growing due to the complexities in the products we produce. An increasingly voracious force in the physical products industry is the demands and expectations of consumers. Brands that do not meet the growing ecological and ethical expectations of their customers are losing trust and market share daily.

Trusting a brand to do what is right is a deciding factor in a purchase decision for 80% of consumers.

Don’t stress.

Customer demands are only one of many challenges facing the physical goods industries today. That’s why it’s equally important that capturing the product data required to meet both regulatory and consumer demands is neither time-consuming nor complex.

It’s unlikely you started your business because you have a passion for meeting regulatory requirements and completing forms. Why should you spend so much of your time doing it?

Collect and understand your data.

Our mission is for you to capture and understand your production and traceability data.

The effectiveness of your product traceability system is only as good as the data collected, but we know more than anyone that collecting, sorting, and organizing quality and compliance forms is time-consuming and difficult. That’s why we give you the tools to track your entire product journey. From raw materials to the products your customers love, we capture every step.

Improve your product and your customers' lives.

With every step of your product journey captured we enable you to better understand your production process and pass that value directly to your customers. We make it simple to gain the love and trust of your customers by providing detailed product source information alongside your products.

Never fear a recall again.

With complete product lifecycle data keeping your customers safe is easy. Quickly determine which products or shipments may contain a particular ingredient, or work backward to determine which supplier’s ingredients made a better product. When the right data is captured it’s easy to explore and understand.


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