Why should you care about Traceability?

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Impact on Timelines

Poor traceability in food can make it hard to find where food comes from and what happens to it during production, storage, and transportation. This can cause problems and delays when something goes wrong, such as a food safety issue or a recall. It can also make it harder to get things done on time, such as filling customer orders or meeting regulatory requirements.

Poor traceability can make it harder to know what's going on with food, making it harder to meet deadlines.

Proper food traceability can help managers and owners identify trends or patterns that may indicate a need for improvement in the quality of the product and how the products are produced.

From Food Safety to Supply Chain Efficiency

Traceability helps ensure that food and beverage products are safe for consumers to eat or drink. It allows businesses and organizations to track the movement of food and beverage products from farm to fork and identify potential contamination sources or foodborne illnesses.

Food traceability can help with supply chain efficiency by allowing businesses to quickly and accurately track the movement of food products through the supply chain.

This can help identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies in the system and enable companies to take steps to address them.

Traceability Report For Stakeholders​

A food traceability report is vital for stakeholders because it provides information about the origin and movement of food products. Providing a means of capturing the data with technology can dramatically save time in creating a traceability report which can help stakeholders make informed decisions about the food they purchase or consume.

A clear picture of the state of food traceability within your organization will help reduce the stress surrounding a food recall or audit. It has been shown that a food recall can reduce shareholder wealth by up to 3% if not appropriately handled.

Effective traceability systems require technology, such as barcodes and RFID tags, as well as clear documentation and communication throughout the supply chain.

Quality Control

​Traceability helps businesses and organizations maintain the quality and integrity of their food and beverage products by tracking their ingredients, processing, and handling. This can help ensure that products meet standards for quality, freshness, and taste.

It is essential to understand the supply chain, and with more in-depth traceability, you can be more confident in how the food ingredients and products were transported, handled and stored.

Consumer Confidence

Consumer confidence: Consumers are increasingly interested in where their food and beverage products come from and how they are produced. Traceability can help businesses and organizations demonstrate the transparency and accountability of their products, which can enhance consumer confidence and trust.

The brand of the business is crucial. In the event of a recall or other issue with a food or beverage product, a traceability report can help the company quickly identify the source of the problem and take appropriate action to minimize the impact on consumers and protect its brand reputation.

Quality Control

Traceability is essential for all stakeholders, including producers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.

Food traceability is crucial because it helps ensure the safety and quality of our food. It allows businesses to track the movement of food products through the supply chain, which can help to identify and address any issues that may arise. Additionally, traceability can help businesses improve their operations' efficiency and the overall supply chain.

Finally, traceability helps provide transparency and accountability in the food industry, which is vital for all stakeholders and is becoming increasingly crucial to ensure a safe and efficient food economy.


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